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Alberta Horse Industry MissionTo provide a unified voice for the Alberta horse industry and strengthen it through advocacy, education and research.

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Alberta Horse IndustryA growing, profitable, united Alberta horse industry, recognized nationally and internationally.

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Trueland Hanover -Standardbred Stallion
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Canada's Horse Wellness Expo



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Brought to you by Farmfair International and the Horse Industry Association of Alberta. The Canadian Horse Wellness Expo (formerly called the Horse Wellness Expo) is held each November during Farmfair International, and features a number of speakers on a wide range of topics of interest to horse owners, breeders and professionals.
This year we will be offering a variety of subjects and speakers on November 10th and 11th, 2018 starting at 11:00 am.

Our confirmed sessions are:

COMMON INTERNAL PROBLEMS: STOMACH ULCERS IN YOUR HORSE - One of the most common internal issues that horsemen deal with every day are stomach ulcers. The reasons why they have become so common, symptoms associated with ulcers, and the best way to control the problem, will be discussed. The expert to talk on this subject will be released shortly!

"Using Equines for Assisted Learning"
Horses have been a partner for man throughout the ages. Today, the primary use of the horse is for recreation. A fairly new role for this versatile animal has emerged. The horse has redefined his partnership with people in a way that no machine can replace. Come find out people improve the quality of their lives with the use of horses!

EQUINE DENTISTRY- Katie Squair with Katie Squair Performance Horse Dentistry
"Equine Dentistry for Young Horses"
Changes in equine dentition during the early years. Day 1 to 5 years explained with its effect on growth, training, and how it may effect your next Champion! Dentistry will make your horse more comfortable and functional.

NUTRITION AND DIET- Shauna Cole with Perfect Lead Therapy & Nutrition
"Keeping horses healthy from the inside out"
A look into keeping nutrition simple. Perfect Lead Therapy & Nutrition was born from Me working 21+years as a nurse and 15 years as a horse therapist. I realized so many health issues were the result of poor diet and nutrition, along with the over use of unnecessary supplements. So my goal became to help horse heal from the inside out.

SADDLE FITTING- Julie Fisette with Double J Saddle Fitter
"Is It the Right Fit?"
Saddle fitting and how saddles affect horses.My name is Julie Fisette and I started Double J Saddle fitting because I was in the same position as many people - does my saddle fit my horse correctly? Does this saddle fit me correctly. I will illustrate through demonstrations, all your questions!

EUROPEAN DNA ANALYSIS - Magdalena Carr with Equifix Therapies
"Looking below the surface at your horse's health and performance"
In biology, living organisms exchange information via bio photons. These are light particles that are permanently transmitted and received by each cell. The DNA-Analysis scans the bio photon field and transmits all the information to a database.The DNA-Analysis lets you look behind the scenes of your horse's biology and what factors are controlling the health and performance of said animal

This is an exciting power point presentation on all you wanted to know about different bits, their purpose, and the correct usage to maximize your horse's full potential, always keeping in mind the horse's wellbeing comes first!

Stay tuned for more speakers and topics to be confirmed! Click here to find out all the exciting equine events being held at this year's Farmfair International and visit our Facebook page as well!

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Speaker Schedule will be available at the end of September.

Equine Health Education


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Equine Health Education for Horse Owners

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Sponsored by Horse Industry Association of Alberta and the University of Calgary - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Our First New Educational Platform for 2018!

Saturday April 7, 2018
University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine Building, Libin Theatre,
3320 Hospital Dr. NW, Calgary, AB

Registration for Event opens at 9:00 am

Ticket Price:Adults $60.00 Students $50.00
Youths 15 & under accompanied by an Adult are Free
(Paypal, Credit Card, Cheque or Cash accepted)

Ticket includes: unlimited coffee, tea and water throughout the day and
access to our Special Sponsor Booth Area

Fresh and Delicious Lunch will be available to purchase (for $6.00) offering Gluten-free options.
Parking available in Lot #6 on level 1, 2 or 3 for
a cost of $14.25 for the day (right across the road from UCVM).

Walk-in registration opens at 9:00 am, April 7, 2018 with the event starting at 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.

To Register Online Click here

Join us to learn about the newest and most pertinent information so YOU can take ownership of your own horse’s health. The following are the subjects we will address:

BREATHING AND PERFORMANCE - “Let’s Look Inside Your Horse”
Dr. Renaud Leguillette will delve into airways; dust ramifications; equine asthma; how to determine what is happening when your horse STOPS; how to identify throat problems; and some up to date solutions for helping get your horse back to peak performance.

EQUINE NUTRITION - "The Basics of Equine Nutrition"
Dr. Ashley Whitehead will identify basic nutritional requirements, matching the performance expectations of the horse, with the appropriate feeding programs.

EQUINE ACUPUNCTURE - “Equine Acupuncture – A Complementary Therapy”
Dr. Jean-Yin Tan will explain why acupuncture is a viable complement to the mainstream medicines that are available to the horsemen today.

Dr. Ashley Whitehead will outline one of the most common internal issues that horsemen deal with every day - stomach ulcers. Dr. Whitehead will discuss why they have become so common, symptoms associated with ulcers, and research to help fix the problem.

THE HORSE ATHLETE - “The Mechanics Behind the Performance”.
Dr. Renaud Leguillette will look at basic equine anatomy and how it influences the horse’s performance.

The following specialists being featured are:

Dr. Renaud Leguillette - an Associate Professor and Interim Department Head of the department of Veterinary Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences. Dr Leguillette specializes in inflammartory lung diseases, like heaves, and IAD (Inflammmatory Airway Disease), as well as a focus on cardio-respiratory physiology. The topic will include issues concerning equine breathing and up-to-date research.

Renaud at Bar None

Dr. Ashley Whitehead - Dr. Ashley Whitehead completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the Ontario Veterinary College in 2005. Dr. Whitehead obtained the status of Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (DACVIM) in 2012. Dr. Whitehead practices within UCVM’s Distributed Veterinary Learning Community at Moore Equine Veterinary Centre. She is clinically involved in equine infectious diseases, gastrointestinal conditions, neonatal foal intensive care and acupuncture.

Ashley WhiteheaD

Dr. Jean-Yin Tan
- Dr. Jean-Yin Tan is board-certified in internal medicine. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Dr. Tan completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 2005. Dr. Tan completed her large animal internal medicine residency at the University of Minnesota in 2008. Dr. opened a highly successful ambulatory and referral equine veterinary clinic outside of Syracuse, New York in 2011. She joined University of Calgary as an instructor in Equine Clinical Sciences in 2015 and is trained in equine acupuncture and certified in equine rescue.

Jean Tin Tan

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36th Annual Alberta Horse Conference Postponed

Horse Industry Association of Alberta regrets to inform everyone that we have postponed the 2018 Alberta Horse Conference until 2019. We will be looking to incorporate alternative and new educational opportunities over the next year.

Canadian Horse Racing Celebrates 250 Years

Our entire nation will be celebrating 150 years of confederation in 2017, but for Canada's horse racing industry, this year represents an even bigger anniversary, the 250th Anniversary of our great sport in this great land.
On July 1, 1767, exactly 100 years before our country's confederation, a race took place on The Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. Gazette de Quebec recounted the race as follows:
"The horse race for a purse of forty dollars was held on Wednesday, first of the month, on the Hill of Abraham. It was easily won by Captain Prescott's mare Modesty, much to the discomfiture of those who, purporting to know about such things, had wagered against her and were thereby parted from their money."
From that day forward horse racing has been part of the fabric of our country. From coast to coast, for generation after generation, people from all walks of life have participated in and enjoyed the sport, whether on grass-root tracks, at agricultural fairs, on frozen rivers dotting the countryside, or in today's modern facilities.
Wagers have been made, crowds have cheered, champions have been crowned.
The Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame is partnering with the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society, and Standardbred Canada to create a series of celebrations of this spectacular milestone throughout 2017.
Today we announce the launch of the '250 miles for 250 years' initiative and 250th Anniversary of Horse Racing in Canada funding campaign.
Racetracks, training centres, agricultural societies, communities, farms and fans are invited to take part in honouring Canada's racing history by hosting a commemorative mile.
Miles in honour of the 250th Anniversary could include:
  • Hold a 250th Anniversary race day highlighting your track and community's racing history and feature a race and special cooler presentation in honour of the 250th Anniversary.
  • Post parades or exhibition races using antique race bikes and buggies harkening back to days gone by.
  • Participate in a community parade with a float or entry that represents local horse racing history. The miles of the parade can count as commemorative miles.
  • Hold an open house at your training centre or farm, invite the public to visit and experience what horse racing is all about, display memorabilia and trophies representing your
    accomplishments and history, offer rides around the training track, hold stick horse races for the kids.
  • Contact your local agricultural society about participating in this year's fair or festival and help them showcase the role horse racing has played in your community.
To help you with your event, you will be provided a 250th Anniversary kit containing 250th Anniversary logos, advertising and press release templates, and much more.
We invite you to take a look at how you can become a 250th Anniversary of Horse Racing Celebration supporter as a sponsor or by making a tax deductible donation. Follow this link for complete details.
Watch for upcoming announcements for details of local launch events at racetracks across Canada.        

For additional Information contact:

Stacie Roberts - 416-230-5190
Linda Rainey - 416-417-9404

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