altAlthough born a daughter of one of Alberta’s most successful race horses, Ky Alta, and trained to follow in his footsteps, racing was just not Alta’s chosen vocation. Retired from the track at three and purchased by a breeder because of her good bone and good looks, she was bred to an Oldenburg stallion and produced a gorgeous warmblood filly that went on to be a successful amateur horse. With the breeder reducing her herd, Alta was not bred again, but sold to a rider who trained her in first level dressage and over jumps. Her trainability and lovely movement could have taken her in either of these directions, but again, Alta was to change careers.


altNow in her 40’s, after 20 years of riding English and competing in dressage, hunter and eventing, Alta’s owner decided it was time to try something new. In the summer of 2006, she threw on Western tack and hit the trails of Kananaskis. By the end of the season, Alta was confidently leading the ride, and easily out-walking all of her companions. In the summer of 2007, she was introduced to cows and, although at first unsure, by the end of two weekends was pushing her way into the herd and swinging her head at any who dared move in her direction. Now 14, Alta Royalle is a fine example of a breed bred to altrun, but capable of great versatility and possessing the heart to excel in almost any activity.




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