• Feeding Horses When Feed is Short - Dr. Coleman

  • My Horse Needs Minerals But Which Ones? - Dr. Coleman

  • Marketing horses..Do It Right!- Terence Collier

  • Bad Bugs, Bad Bugs, Whatcha Gonna Do? - Patricia M. Dowling

  • Nutrition For The Endurance Horse - Stephen Duren, Ph.D

  • Conundrums and Contradictions in the Equine World - Peter Fraser

  • The Swedish Sport Horse - Ingvar Fredricson

  • An International Sport Horse Database in Progress - Ingvar Fredricson

  • The Spirit of the Horse and the Spirituality of the Child - Mother Hildegard George

  • Preventing Injuries During Training - Andris J. Kaneps

  • Ranch Horse Competition Impact on the Horse Industry - Ron Lane

  • When Hauling Horses, Know the Regulations - Lynn McLeod

  • Equine Foot Wounds - Dr. Parks

  • Basic Dental Care for Horses - Dr. Dennis Rach

  • Living with West Nile Disease - Dr. William JA Saville

  • Mules and Donkeys - Relative Newcomers to the Equine Recreational Scene - Tex S. Taylor DVM

  • Managing Stallions for Reproductive Efficiency - Dr. Walter Threlfall

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