Within Canada
Horses being transported or driven within Alberta are no longer required to be accompanied with a Livestock Manifest or a Livestock Permit unless the horse is being transported for sale or slaughter or to an inspection site (country sale, auction market, livestock assembling station or abattoir). For information on how to complete the new Livestock Manifest, click here.

Horses being transported or driven to another province must be inspected and, depending on the purpose for which they are being transported, can be accompanied with one of the following permits: an Annual Horse Permit, a Lifetime Horse Permit, a Rodeo and Exhibition Permit or a Livestock Permit. To obtain a Lifetime Horse Permit, a horse owner must contact their local LIS office to have an inspection done in conjunction with the completion of the application form. The horse owner will also need to provide the inspector with three digital photos (full left, full right and full front head) along with payment for the permit. This package will be sent to Calgary by the inspector where the permit will be issued and sent directly to the owner. The Annual Horse Permit must be completed and issued by the LIS inspector directly. For iInspector locations and contact information visit the LIS on-line listing.

If a horse is being transported or driven to another province for the purpose of sale or slaughter the horse must be accompanied with a Livestock Permit.

To the United States
Horses being transported to the United States must be accompanied with an Annual Horse Permit, a Lifetime Horse Permit, a Rodeo and Exhibition Permit or a Livestock Permit as well as the documentation required by CFIA to issue an export Veterinary Health Certificate.

Expiry Dates
A Livestock Manifest expires when the livestock are delivered to the destination written on the Livestock Manifest.

A Livestock Permit expires on the earliest of the following: 7 days from the date of issue, when the livestock is delivered to its destination, or when an inspection is required.

An Annual Horse Permit expires on December 31 of the year in which the permit was issued or if there is a change of ownership within that same year.

The Lifetime Horse Permit is valid for the life of the horse under the possession of the owner who purchased the permit. This permit is not valid if the horse changes ownership or dies.


For more information on livestock transportation requirements, please contact the LIS office at (403) 509-2088 or visit their web site at www.lis-alberta.com.

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