John Scott
2007 Alberta Horse Industry
Distinguished Service Award

While legions dream of going to Hollywood to seek their fame and fortune, it took a cowboy to dream instead, of bringing Hollywood to Alberta. It quickly became his niche in the equine world, and an ongoing marquee for displaying our province's talent and treasures.

For the past four decades, Longview Alberta cowboy John Scott has steadfastly made that dream a reality -- a cornerstone to what is now a blossoming 250 million dollar movie industry in the province. His credits include four Oscar winning pictures, nearly 150 productions in film and television, and a legacy of related accomplishments that make him revered and respected aorund the world.

A man of many hats, his daily assignment may be that of wrangler, producer, host, promoter, negotiatior, stunt coordinator, talent scout, actor, or a bevy of other roles he skilllfully assumes. Most often the roles are multiple and overlapping -- captured under the general heading of "John Scott -- all-knowing and trusted mogul and go-to-guy". And those Hollywood stars the masses struggle to get a mere glimpse of -- they call John such names as friend, mentor, confidante, and safe-keeper.

John himself sees his task as quite simple - help capture the jaw dropping majesty and breathtaking splendor of the diverse Alberta landscape; combine it with unique heart stopping suspense and action; sneak in a history lesson; leave the decision makers champing at the bit to return; all the while leaving the precious landscape unharmed and his two and four-legged team members happy and safe from harm.

John Scott's world is all about opportunity; the opportunity to promote his home province; the opportunity to create work for so many people and animals; the opportunity to live each day a meaningful life centered around horses and the western traditions; the opportunity to have the camera tell meaningful stories about people, places and events dear to his beliefs; the opportunity to promote and preserve; the opportunity to teach, train and mentor.

The 2007 Distinguished Service Award was presented to John Scott on January 14, 2007 as an integral part of the 25th annual Alberta Horse Breeders and Owners Conference at Red Deer, Alberta.

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