While this month’s feature horses are only weanlings, they have made an impact both locally in Calgary, and internationally, as a part of the spectacular show Cavalia. The strong demand for tickets in Calgary has led Cavalia to extend its run three times before even having a single performance, which is unprecedented since beginning the tour eight years ago. While Albertans know what great horses and great horse people we have, it is always nice to be recognized for it. Cavalia’s creator Normand Latourelle states “[..] Calgary is not only the most important horse city in Canada but probably in the entire world.” It only seems fitting then to feature the two Alberta-bred rescue colts, who, depite their age, have already hit the big stage.

Cavalia begins with a slide show projected on to the big screen. The crowd awes when the words “Alberta born rescue horses” appear. The lights dim and two young colts trot on to the stage. Getting support and courage from each other, they stick together and cautiously sniff a stage prop. When performers gracefully enter on the stage, the colts watch them curiously. Cricket, the blue roan and bolder of the two, leans forward and accepts a pet. Linus, a sorrel paint, waits patiently with his head at Cricket’s hip. When the music fades and the performers begin to walk off stage, the two colts join and walk calmly with their new “herd”.


Cavalia adopted Cricket and Linus from Bear Valley Rescue, a charitable organization in Sundre AB. Both horses are Alberta-bred. Cricket is a Quarter Horse sired by Kits Leo King Bar and out of dam Candle Stick Sunnydee. Linus, a Quarter Horse/Paint cross, is by Allee Hand and out of a dam named Spring. Kathy and Mike Bartley, founders of Bear Valley Rescue, purchased the colts at a local auction.

Only one day after arriving at Bear Valley Rescue, Cricket came down with colic due to complications from an umbilical hernia. Kathy and Mike rushed to get him loaded into the trailer to take him for emergency surgery. Despite being sick and in pain, Cricket jumped the four foot high gate to get out of the loading chute – hence the name Cricket! “At least we didn’t name him Grasshopper!” Kathy commented.

Both colts were quite shy when they arrived at Bear Valley Rescue, but after a few pets and scratches, they decided to come around. And now that they are both a part of Cavalia and have several grooms and many people giving them treats, they are becoming very friendly, and the audience can witness that first-hand on stage.
After Cavalia is done its Calgary tour, Cricket and Linus will go to Cavalia’s stables in Sutton, Quebec, to continue growing. When they turn four, they will be trained to perform in one of Cavalia’s future productions. We will continue to follow Cricket and Linus’ careers and wish them all the luck with their new large family.

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