Linda Henry comes from a long line of horse lovers. Just like her horse, JM Mystairs Fire+//, comes from a long line of people lovers. When her father, Jim, married her mother, Marilen, he said that also married her two horses. Linda’s mother introduced her to the world of horses, and she has never looked back. Although they have since passed on, her parents live on in the names of her horses; the JM stands for Jim and Marilen.afireribbons-sm

JM Mystairs Fire+//, fondly known as Fire, was born in 1993 in Cochrane, Alberta. Linda owned his sire, dam, and grand dam, all of whom passed down a gentle character and a love for people. Sired by Century Mystair+ and out of Caseys Cachet, the beautiful bay Arabian stallion is an ambassador of his breed not only in the show ring but outside of it as well. His affectionate personality and versatility has won him many ribbons and many fans.

It all began when he was a foal at the 1993 Calgary Stampede in the Horse Haven section of the Agriculture Barns, where he represented his breed for all the people to pet coming through the barn. All day long he stood with his head through the rails of the stall greeting everyone. When the barn emptied, he would lie down for a quick cat nap, only to stand up when he heard voices of more people coming. Linda says that he never slept so well as he did that night when he was brought back to their ranch.

Since he caught the social-butterfly bug, Fire has gained many fans at traveling around North America at shows where people could not believe he was a stallion since he was so quiet. His show record is extensive with multiple champions in numerous divisions. He has been shown in Western Pleasure, Trail, and Ladies Western Side Saddle. He has achieved 2 National Championships in Western Pleasure, 12 Championships at Regionals, and 8 Championships at the Canadian Breeders Show. As well, he has represented his breed all around Alberta, including Spruce Meadows Battle of the Breeds, The Mane Event, and Calgary Stampede. Fire also holds three awards from the Arabian Horse Association: Legion of Honor, Legion of Supreme Honor, and Legion of Excellence.

afiredriving1-smJust after his National wins in September of 2004, Fire was injured in an accident with severe damage to a tendon in his front leg. Surgery was required in an attempt to save his life but the vet predicted that his show career would be over. After the surgery and  months of extensive treatment, Fire surprised everyone by not only recovering but returning to the show circuit 10 months later to win 2 more Regionals and 2 National Top Tens. He then successfully showed for 6 more years winning many more championships. The vet stated that the success of his recovery was largely due to his quiet disposition and willingness to stand quietly in his stall for months.

Fire is now retired, as is his owner Linda. They retired last year at the same time because, Linda says, “there ain’t nothing else I’d like to ride.” However, Fire still stands at stud and he and Linda enjoy trail riding and driving in a two wheel cart in the summer months together on their propertyafireregional-sm Meadowlark Arabians located in Lacombe, Alberta.

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