It’s summer and many people’s thoughts turn to catching a local rodeo for the thrill of watching bull riding or a chuckwagon race. Brett Lucas’ then 3 year old son is no different, except he wanted to take the excitement further by driving a team in a chuckwagon race when he picked up the lines of aalucasia_rosebud_sm team of Percherons at the family’s ranch and cried out “Yah! Yah!”

One of the 2000 lbs horses hooked up was just a green youngster in training, but luckily for him, the other horse hooked up was Lucasia Rosebud, a dapple grey veteran and gentle giant who knew not to take off like she was running the “Half Mile of Hell.”

That, not surprisingly, is Brett Lucas’ favorite memory of Rosebud. Although, he has had many other opportunities to be proud of her. Rosebud has many accomplishments in the show ring as well.


Rosebud was bred by Brett’s parents Wayne and Judy Lucas of Lucasia Ranch, but she is considered Brett’s horse.

Lucasia Ranch is perhaps best known for sharing their western heritage through ranch vacations on the historic cattle and horse ranch in Claresholm, Alberta, that was established in 1881. But many people also know them as Quarter Horse and Percheron breeders. The Lucas family purchased their first registered Percheron in 1969.

Rosebud was born in Claresholm on April 24, 2003. She is sired by Rose Hill Bud, and out of Ylxus of Livingston Valley.

aRosebud_Bar_U_smAs a yearling filly, Rosebud began her show career. Highlights of her show career are extensive. She was awarded second in her class at Calgary and Reserve Champion Junior Mare at Olds as a yearling. In 2006, as a three year old, Rosebud was Supreme Champion Mare in Olds and Grand Champion Mare at the Calgary Stampede. And, at the 2009 Calgary Stampede, Rosebud won first in the Aged Mare class, Champion Senior Mare and Reserve Champion Percheron Mare.

Now, she spends her days, not only helping young boys experience the rush of “chuckwagon racing,” but also raising foals of her own and training the new crop of youngsters. In the training of young horses in a hitch, Brett admits, “she does all the hard work.”

It’s not uncommon to see kids leading her around the property.

Rosebud is very easy going and everyone that is around her loves her, so it would have been easy to sell her for a decent price. “I priced her really highaRosebud_Santa_sm at one point,” Brett says, “but I regretted it because what would happen if someone wanted to pay it?”

So, sorry folks, she is not for sale. It’s safe to say she’ll be a standard attraction at Lucasia Ranch for many more years to come.

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