The name Jack Longmuir is familiar to many people in the quarter horse industry, not only just in Alberta, but also throughout Canada and the UnitedaJack_Longmuir States. Afterall, he was the second Canadian to ever receive the AQHA Legacy award in 2009 for 50 years of Quarter Horse breeding.

Longmuir Quarter Horses Ranch started after Jack’s parents Gordon and Clara Longmuir, who were originally from Campbellford, Ontario, settled in near Empress, Alberta. Jack was interested in horses from the very beginning.

“His goal was to raise a good ranch horse and he found the American Quarter Horse was the answer to his dream!” says Sheila Howe, Jack’s daughter.


In the late 1950’s, Jack purchased 5 mares and stallion. He bred and registered horses with AQHA for 50 continuous years, earning him the Legacy award. Over the 50 years, he owned over 20 stallions and countless mares. He became interested in genetics, especially in the breeding of blue roans.

In 1978, Sheila and her husband Ron came back to Empress to help with the breeding operation and to raise the next generation of the family, sons Dale and Brad.

At age 89, Jack was still raising horses. His horses can be seen in the rodeo arena competing in a variety of events like steer wrestling, calf roping, barrel racing and team roping. They are also seen being used in 4-H or working on family ranches.

Jack passed away in April 2011, but his family ensures that his legacy will live on.   

“Jack had a good ride! Some people gamble, some drink, it was Jacks breeding program that gave him that thrill! Kept him going to a ripe old age. He would tell people to dream your dream! Get involved with AQHA horses! And Just keep it simple!” says Sheila.

Sheila and Ron, along with their son’s Dale and Brad, are carrying on Jack’s dream. “We all live within 2 miles from each other. Each with our own outfit but close enough to help each other,” Sheila says.

Sheila and Ron have taken over the blue roan program with two stallions, a grandson of Blue Boy Quincy and a son of Two ID Bartender, and 15 mares.

Dale and his wife Jen continue breeding and have added a grandson by Shining Spark, Shiners Wild Card, to their program. According to Sheila, this was “a goal Jack never got to live out.” The same brand Jack registered in 1943 is carried on by Dale.

Brad and his wife Mona recently purchased a grey cutting stallion Lil Pepto Pistol to add some cow to their ranch horses.

Sheila says, “It’s new and exciting for both families to see if they can continue raising the right kind of horses that their grandfather would be proud of.

Jack, as all horse breeders, have their ups and down but he weathered all storms. Out here in the dry hard grass, it was tough some years to grow enough grass when it forgot to rain! You just have to pick the best and try to keep your head up. It been tough with the BSE crisis as we rely on ranchers to buy our horses. No money for cows, no money for horses! The downfall of the economy has killed a lot of horse ranches but we plan to  continue on and looks like Jacks great grandchildren may carry on to 5 generations.”


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