The partnership between Suzon Schaal and Genuine Brown Gal has been an undeniable success. However, Suzon wasn’t interested in a new horse in aSuzon-Schaal2007 when her friend Marion Stav, the horse’s breeder, suggested she try the bay Quarter Horse mare affectionately called Ginna.

Genuine Brown Gal was born in 2003 in Turner Valley, Alberta. She is by Listo Pollito Lena and out of Genuine Emerald.

At the time, Suzon was taking cow horse lessons from John Swales on a horse that she already owned and Ginna has recently returned from a trainer who felt that she wouldn’t be able to overcome her fear of cattle to become a competitive show horse.

“On several occasions when I was at Marian's place she suggested I try Ginna and see what I thought of her as she felt we would be a good match,” says Suzon. “I refused the offer several times as I did not want to take on another horse at that point in time. Eventually I gave in to her persistence and took Ginna for a few trial rides. After a trip to John's to try her on a cow, John felt she showed some promise despite her fear and suggested I purchase her.”

Suzon purchased Ginna, and they began their cow horse adventure together, starting in the boxing class, then fence work, and competing in ranch cutting classes.

Growing up in Millarville, Suzon attained a DVM from the Western College of Veterinarian Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan in 2004. She moved back to Alberta and practiced at Okotoks Veterinary Clinic for the past eight years.    

Riding late at night and showing around her busy schedule has paid off with many accolades in the show ring, including five trips to the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) World Championships starting in 2009.

At the 2010 show they captured the Reserve Championship in the Non-Pro Two Rein Class, as well as a championship in the Novice Non-Pro Bridle Class.  In 2011, the win was repeated in the Novice Non-Pro Bridle. 2012 saw them winning the Intermediate Non-Pro Bridle and just earlier this year at the 2013 World Show they managed to win both the Intermediate Non-Pro Bridle and the Non-Pro Bridle classes. 

In addition, Ginna was the 2012 National Non-Pro Bridle Champion, she has been the Non-Pro Bridle Champion at the Calgary Stampede three times, has won at the Canadian Supreme, and  won numerous year end Alberta Reined Cow Horse Association (ARCHA) awards.

“Ginna can be very quirky,” says Suzon, “She will still on occasion behave totally terrified of buffalo or cattle especially if they challenge her but she has yet to let me down in the show pen.  Despite her fear she really loves her job and tries her best to please me.  She is athletic and smart and things naturally come very easy to her.”

So, what’s in store for these world champions? Suzon comments, “I don't really ever make any specific plans, as long as she is healthy and happy I will continue to show her and see where it takes us!”

“There is a huge number of people that have contributed to our success.  I want to thank everyone involved in the ARCHA and NRCHA for their hard work in organizing shows, fellow competitors for pushing me to a higher level, all the cow horse family and fans who have cheered and given support and encouragement, all my family and friends who have provided companionship while travelling or have stayed home to do my dirty work while I'm off playing, all my colleagues for covering for me at work and John Swales for his endless expertise and patience.”

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