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What do you do when you have a great group of broodmares but no stallion? Kim Baerg found herself with that particular problem in 2009.aKim_and_Diesel_sm

Kim Baerg has had horses and donkeys since she was 16 years old and breeding them since 1988.  First she bred donkeys and then later saddle horses and mules. She also went through the Horse Breeders School at Olds College and has a diploma in Animal Sciences.

Kim and Bruce own Fox Spring Farm, which is located west of Cochrane, Alberta.


It all started about 45 years ago; Allan Gordeyko began breeding Clydesdales. He has exhibited at the Calgary Stampede every year for the last 40 years.aJolie_sm

Over the years, Allan has imported 35 Clydesdales from Scotland and incorporated them into his breeding program. Today, those horses are some of the most sought after Clydesdales in North America with numerous geldings and stallions sold to Budweiser.
Allan and his son Wesley, own Willow Way Clydesdales, which is located in Ohaton, Alberta. Together, they farm the 3000 acres of land and manage a herd of around 90 horses.

Of these 90 horses, only one was chosen to take to the 2011 World Clydesdale Show. That horse was Willow Way Jolie, a 2 year old filly and the best young prospect on the farm.


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 Upcoming Events
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