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In 2000, Ed Wedman pulled out of the driveway with his truck and an empty trailer headed to look at a horse in Viking, Alberta. When he returned to theaHomer_and_Ed family farm in Leduc, trailer no longer empty, his family was surprised.

However, they weren’t surprised because a new horse had appeared, “It was Dad’s habit to take the trailer any time he goes to “look” at a horse after all,” comments Ed’s daughter Carrie. But they were surprised at the size of the new horse Ed brought home.

In the pen stood a little grey gelding, measuring only 14.3 hands. Carrie says, “He certainly wasn’t what we were expecting when dad was looking to replace his heading horse.”

It’s was the Ghost Walker’s “really kind eye,” not his size, that sealed the deal for Ed.


“Happy birthday dear Zip… Happy birthday to you,” a chorus of 30 people finish singing, not to a person, but to a horse. Zip Code, an Appaloosa gelding, celebrated his 30th birthday on March 21st at the weekly penning practice at the Thompson Training Centre in Millarville, Alberta.aZip_Codes_30th_cake

His owner, Debbie Thompson, ordered him a special carrot cake with the words “Happy 30th Birthday Zip” and a picture of an Appaloosa in a beautiful flowered field. Zip celebrated his birthday on the same night as one of Debbie’s granddaughters, Kate, who turned five.

Debbie and her grandchildren cleaned him up for his birthday, “which was hard that time of the year,” Debbie comments. Zip was muddy and starting to show his age by shedding out in patches. Sparkly ribbons were braided into his mane so he was “dressed” for the occasion.


Earlier this year, Joan Harris of Jarvie, Alberta, was named the recipient of the Endurance Canada Hall Of Fame Award. With her lifetime mileage closeaStranger_head_sm to 6800 competitive miles, the award is greatly deserved. However, she is quick to give credit to her horses.

“I received this award for all I have done in Endurance, but it was my horses that kept me going,” Joan comments.

It was Stranger, a beautiful bay horse, who introduced Joan to the international scene of endurance riding. Joan says, “He is the reason I have such a love of this sport.”


For two whole years, Tracy Dopko searched for a specific Welsh Pony named Alvesta Picasso. Little did she know, he was living in a pasture with grass up to his knees with a small band of mares not too far from her stable.Alvesta_Picasso_Photo_Credit_Rick_Kroll_Photography

It all started in 1997, when she started purchasing pony hunter prospects for her hunter/jumper stable Daventry Equestrian in Darwell, which is west of Edmonton. In 2000, she purchased her first purebred Welsh Ponies.  Glannant Jackpot and Jumpin’ Jack Flash are both Section B Welsh Pony geldings, and are also full brothers.

Tracy started the geldings under saddle and eventually sold them to the U.S. East Coast pony hunter circuit. Tracy comments, “I was so impressed with the super cute ponies, their talent over fences, trainability and kind nature that I decided to try and find their sire, Alvesta Picasso, and see if I could purchase him.”


In 1981, Merv and Claudia Giles left their property Circle J Ranch in Cochrane, Alberta, for a trip to New York. They returned to Alberta with some unexpected cargo: miniature horses.aminihitch

The horses were the first miniatures they owned, but by 1988, Merv had them broke to drive in a four horse hitch. The hitch attracted the attention of UFA, who approached Merv and asked him to do parades as the UFA Mini Horse Hitch.

From 1988 until 2008 the Circle J Miniature Horse Hitch traveled each summer to parades and events as the UFA Mini Horse Hitch. Every year they travelled twelve to fifteen thousand kilometers and attended 260 events from La Crete in the North to Coutts in the South and from Dawson Creek, British Columbia to Swift Current, Saskatchewan, hooking up for around 400 appearances.


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