March 2013

By Robyn Brown, EST

Many of us have our horses schedules relax during the cold months, making maintaining physical fitness and reaching goals a challenge. During this time it is along_lineimportant to remember the key facts in maintaining and gaining condition without causing injury or sickness. Starting a fitness program after an extended holiday needs to be done with a few things in mind.

The basics of a conditioning program should be centered around your goals as a rider and be specific to your horse.  There are many factors to remember when designing your program and many professionals available that can help you with this.  The extent of your training specifics should alter with your horse’s age, sex, breed, discipline, competition schedule, terrain and weather conditions.


Farmers Asking How Program Changes Impact Their Operation

With just weeks remaining for Alberta farmers to enrol in AgriStability for 2013, many producers are asking how upcoming changes to the program will impact their farms.

“Some farmers are asking if it’s still worthwhile to participate in the program because they say ‘Commodity prices are high and times have been good on my farm, so I haven’t collected a payout for a few years. Why do I need AgriStability?” says Vicki Chapman, with Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC). AFSC administers AgriStability on behalf of the federal and provincial governments.



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 Upcoming Events
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