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Alberta Breeder to Receive AQHA Recognition
Each year, the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) gives out Legacy Awards to its breeders who have raised Quarter Horses for 50 years either continuously or cumulatively. A total of 109 of these awards have been given out to ranches and families since the award was instituted in 1997.


A brief look at Canadian Natural Horsemanship with clinician Nettie Barr.
Heather Mitchell-Matheson

Nettie Barr with Mogli

The concept of round penning horses in a training capacity is nothing new to the horse world. In fact there have been round pens used for horse training purposes for centuries. What has changed is the resurgence of the technique into the mainstream. Round penning is not just for trainers anymore; everyday horse enthusiasts are taking part in the round penning phenomenon.


 So it’s August in our province and most horse enthusiasts are out trail riding, competing or attending clinics. Other people are vacationing, some are gearing up for back to school, and farmers are dealing with their crops. Many farmers this year are dealing with a lack of crops and for horse people this should set off an alarm bell. Although thinking about what may happen in February 2010, aside from the Olympics, is probably hard to do in the few summer months this province gets, we need to do so.


Alberta Breeder Wins Big in Thoroughbred World
Cool SynsationA lifetime of hard work and dedication has been acknowledged and rewarded by the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA). Alberta Thoroughbred breeder, Ab Brewster of Cool Spring Farm, Bowden, has been recognized by TOBA as one of its "Breeders of the Year" and the only recipient from outside of the US. As accolades go, it doesn't get much better than this. On Sept. 10, the top breeders in the United States and Brewster will be honoured at Keeneland in Kentucky during a special dinner and reception. Ab will be travelling with his family, who are very much a part of the success of Cool Spring and its horses, wife Michele, daughter Julie and son Donovan.
In 2008 we featured the three 
"Cool" horses that helped to earn Ab this honour. 
Restrictions Lifted on Horses Entering Canada from Texas
CFIA has been advised by USDA that the last remaining Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) related quarantine in the State of Texas was released on July 24, 2009. Therefore, all current VS related import restrictions for horses from the State of Texas will now be removed. Restrictions in New Mexico, due to VS, and in Missouri, due to an outbreak of equine piroplasmosis (EP), are still in place. Current import requirements for horses entering Canada may be found using the CFIA Automated Import Reference System (AIRS) at http://airs-sari.inspection.gc.ca.


Upcoming Events

 Upcoming Events
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