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Sale Season
Horse auctions can be found all over Alberta in any month of the year but the fall is when the breed associations hold their annual production sales. 
The Canadian Thoroughbred Society presents two sales each year, the first the Summer Yearling Sale on September 1 at Westerner Park in Red Deer, and second, their Fall Mixed Sale on October 5, at Spruce Meadows. A catalogue of the summer sale is now available on-line at www.cthsalta.com.

The Alberta Quarter Horse Racing Association holds their auction at the Lethbridge Exhibition Grounds on September 5. Horses purchased through this sale are eligible to compete in the high stakes Canada Quarter Horse Cup. Visit www.aqhra.ca for more information.

On Thanksgiving weekend, the Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association offers up its best at the 15th annual Fall Classic Breeders Sale. This sale provides potential buyers with an opportunity to view the consigned horses in free jumping, in-hand and under saddle demonstrations, as well as try out those they are interested in. View the on-line catalogue at www.fallclassicsale.com.
The Alberta Standardbred Horse Association will hold its Yearling Sale at the Olds Agricultural Grounds on October 17. Visit ASHA online at www.asha.ab.ca.
The Alberta Quarter Horse Breeders Group will hold its 36th annual Fall Select Sale at Northlands during Farmfair on November 7. Visit www.northernhorse.com/aqhbg for more information.

Thanks, in part, to swift and decisive communication from United Organizations of the Horse and a broad sweep of horse owner and horse industry supporters from most of the major animal agriculture organizations, many animal welfare organizations, and coalitions of pet owners, livestock owners, tribes, and who knows how many individuals, the US Senate did not pass the bill that would "make it a felony to transport a horse for the purpose of human consumption".


Pam Asheton, www.pamasheton.ca

(Photos courtesy of Wild Deuce Outfitting and Retreats)

Two eight-year olds having the time of their lives. Hard hats for children in remote areas with scree and glacial bouldering are a safety plus.The last half mile back to the trailhead was moonlight, a glorious full enormous harvest moon so close as to be sitting atop the spikes of lodgepole pine. Riversong gurgled over glacier rounded rocks and as horses slid downwards, so too did the temperatures of the silvered darkness wrapped around. Water or glaciers, temperatures bottom and you'll always feel an involuntary shiver. Leather creaked, shod horses chinked on the stony exploration trail and then onto tarmac, speeding up anticipating saddles being stripped and a pre-drive-home feed to munch companionably. It was early November, pure addictive magic - and two sweaters warm – in this province anything goes.


Due to the reported finding of one horse infected with vesicular stomatitis (VS) in New Mexico, and an outbreak of equine piroplasmosis (EP) in the state of Missouri, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has asked the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to suspend the issuance or endorsement of export certificates for horses and other equines originating from the states of New Mexico or Missouri. These restrictions will be enforced in combination with the current restriction imposed on horses from Texas, due to an outbreak of VS in that state.
During the winter of 2008, Alberta Agriculture and the Horse Industry Association of Alberta cooperated to involve a volunteer group of stable owners in an economic analysis project. The objectives of the project were twofold: provide participants with an analysis of their business from which they might improve economic performance and gather information that might illustrate the economic circumstances of the stabling industry.
Information was gathered from the financial records of 13 volunteer participants for the 2006 business year. The participant group represented a cross section of the industry from small to large scale and from recreational stables to training/competitive stables.

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 Upcoming Events
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