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Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Manager is responsible for the planning, organizing and administration of all association activities, programs and operations. The Manager is required to develop the necessary resources to support the association in achieving its objectives, and maintains communication with a diverse group of stakeholders including other industry organizations, media, businesses, government and the public.


alt“But isn’t he cold?” As a horse owner, you’ve likely heard this question from non-horsey friends or family members. You smile and assure the well-intentioned onlooker that your horse is fine, quite comfortable in the -20 winter day. The sun is shining, the frost is sparkling on the fence rails and Trigger is out enjoying a bit of winter grazing.

But when the temperature dives and the wind begins to blow, even the hardiest of us can be tempted to turn on the heat in the barn or blanket our “babies”. Question is…when is it necessary, when is it kind and when is it actually counter-productive?


altASI renewal starts now! Deadline for renewal at the introductory price of $25/year is January 17, 2011


The initial launch of the Alberta Stables Initiative has been a success and has been gaining momentum throughout the year. The success of 2010 can be credited to those who were willing to participate and we would like to extend a sincere thank you for getting involved. What’s still missing: involvement from more stables!



Following their formal resignation from Equine Canada (EC) in September 2010, after months of dispute over service agreements with EC, the six non-signing provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador) have formed their own national alliance. The name of the new organization is pending approval of Industry Canada and a further announcement is forthcoming.



altThe Equine Canada Medication Control Committee is announcing the following Medication Control information:  Clenbuterol. As of January 1, 2011, Clenbuterol (Ventipulmin) will no longer be a permitted medication in Equine Canada sanctioned competitions. 



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 Upcoming Events
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