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Conference Call Update on EHV-1 (Neurological Herpes/Rhino)
May 19, 2011
EHV-I virus situation in Alberta
A large group of equine veterinarians, provincial veterinarians and the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association had a conference call this morning regarding this issue. We reviewed the outstanding cases at this time and they are as follows:
• There is still only one confirmed case of a horse infected with the herpes virus in Alberta, that has showed neurological signs.  It was diagnosed on May 1, 2011 and was isolated at that time. This horse did not attend the Utah Cutting show but was in direct contact with several horses that did attend the show before they left Canada. This horse has been under veterinary care and has totally recovered. The origin of the source of infection for this horse remains unknown.
• As of May 18, 2011 there was one yearling tested positive for the neurological strain of the EHV-1 herpes virus but showed only respiratory signs of the disease similar to normal influenza infections. This horse was in direct contact with tack from the horses returning from Utah. This horse is isolated, being treated and is in no danger as this time.


Dr. Gerald Hauer, Chief Provincial Veternarian with the Government of Alberta, released a letter to Alberta Horse Owners regarding nEHV-1. Click to read the letter


Horse Industry Association of Alberta was at Aggie Days April 6-10 2011. Our booth was full of everything horse-related from saddles and tack to manure. During the three weekdays, over 10 000 students and 2000 teachers, parents, and supervisors visited and learned all about Alberta's agriculture. Family Fun Days on the weekend attracted around 17 000 each day.



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