Andy Anderson graduated from Oklahoma State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1975 and has been practicing equine medicine ever AndyAnderson2since. Despite his standing as an accomplished reiner and a successful veterinarian, it is the sharing of what he has learned about training horses that has become Dr. Anderson’s second calling. He currently owns and operates Equine Veterinary Associates in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.


Horses who refuse or are difficult to load can cause a lot of frustration to their owners. In addition, they can be a danger to themselves and their handlers. Veterinarians are often asked to become involved because many people believe that tranquilization or sedation will help them to load their horse safely. This is usually not a workable option for several reasons.

First, horses traveling to shows or races may be in violation of medication rules if they are drugged for loading. Second, sedated or tranquilized horses may be more likely to have an injury from falling as they may become unsteady. Third, drugged horses do not really learn how to load well for future trips.



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