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Where are we going? Get out your map!

Looking ahead at the horse industry – we are confronted with good news – news too good to ignore. You have to take an active part to take advantage for yourself. Bring your GPS and your saddlebags.

The first thing we should understand about the "map" is that we have gone from a breed-based industry to an activity-based industry. Whereas, a few years ago, when we explained our horse activity to someone, we might say, "We raise Quarter Horses"; now the comment would be, "We ride reining horses." Or, the statement "We raise Paints" changes to "We team rope." This is a major shift in focus and it is probably not news to anyone here, but it has major implications for the future.

The other major change that we have experienced is that breeding slowed down, way down. This is for one primary reason. There was an oversupply of horses relative to the level of demand our industry created. When folks could not sell their foals they stopped breeding. This began to happen in the American Quarter Horse in 2004. Remember 2004? Before housing and banking and General Motors crashed and before a wave of droughts struck the middle of the country. Back then processing of horses for export was still permitted in the US. Even before these things happened, the industry had started to weaken. We have the data to know that now; maybe we will pay better attention next time.

The change to a mostly activity-based horse industry also has to do with a fundamental change in our relationship with our horses. The hands-on horse enthusiast of today is more inclined to want to build a special relationship with just one or a few horses and put in more effort and training to achieve excellence.



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