2010 Horse Breeders & Owners Conference

Reaching your goals is like climbing a staircase...
Long term goals: Do I want to compete? What are some alternative goals besides showing? Overcoming obstacles. Short term goals: What’s my weekly, daily plan? Making the most of every training session. Teaching my horse a new skill.


Coach, equine advice columnist and judge, Lindsay Grice trains horses and riders for both English and Western events. Lindsay’s popular riding clinics take her throughout Canada and into the US. She is an Equine Canada judge and AQHA judge for Novice Shows. Lindsay is a regular guest lecturer for the University of Guelph’s equine programs.


Sinus disease is a common upper respiratory issue in many horses. What are the common problems and how do we treat them? What are the new options available to treat the common problems without extensive sinus surgery? 


Dr. Bell received his BSc (Microbiology/Immunology) from the University of Saskatchewan and his DVM from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM). He completed an equine internship at Arizona Equine Medical and Surgical Centre. Dr. Bell followed the internship with a 3-year equine surgical residency at WCVM, where he is in his final year.


What is required to recondition the equine athlete after a long or short-term layoff?  This and other basic principles of conditioning the performance horse will be addressed.

Dr. Sigler is a Professor and Horse Section Leader in the Dept. of Animal Science at Texas A&M. He is responsible for extension and research in the area of exercise physiology, conditioning and nutritional management of the equine athlete.  Dr. Sigler has been an AQHA-approved judge for 24 years and has judged in nearly every state and in 5 foreign countries. He is an accomplished horseman, having shown and trained horses for a variety of performance events.


Dreams of the Olympic podium are not for every horse owner. Join Muffy and Ron to discuss the learning opportunities for horse owners whose primary goal is enjoyment of the recreational horse.   

Muffy Knox is an equine educator who has enjoyed many years’ experience raising, training and showing Paint horses. She is still very actively coaching from beginner, youth and adults, to 4-H to the show ring level. In 2005, Muffy was named Western Horse Review’s Horseperson of the Year.


Ron Anderson has enjoyed a life-long career in the stable industry and he and his wife Marilyn currently operate Sylvancrest Stock Farm east of Calgary.  In addition, Ron has provided horse auction pedigree and commentary for over 35 years. His voice is familiar to many as a premier agricultural event announcer. In 2003, Ron was named Western Horse Review’s Horseperson of the Year.


Learn how to apply the union of mental focus, physical flexibility, emotional balance, and spiritual connection to conscious horsemanship. Use these skills to increase inner awareness and heightened sensitivity in your relationship with your horse and in life.


Janice Baxter has loved horses since her first memory of a horse-drawn milk wagon as a toddler. She has loved Yoga since her first Integral Hatha class in 1971 and began teaching in 1972. Her studies and licensing in massage therapy have inspired her to apply anatomy and physiology principles to Yoga and riding. It is her intention to inspire equestrians to practice Yoga and yogis to ride horses - for life!



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 Upcoming Events
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