2010 Horse Breeders & Owners Conference

Offering a fresh, new perspective on herd dynamics,
Karen Scholl explains how fear creeps in, why it invades our thoughts regardless of our attempts to eliminate it, and most importantly, how to move through it to even greater levels of confidence with horses.


Karen Scholl’s formal education began by earning a degree in Equine Science and attending extensive symposiums and seminars from equine professionals and clinicians. Karen taught Parelli Natural Horsemanship courses and clinics for over ten years and in 2002, made the decision to teach independently, developing her own perspective on horsemanship; a fun, effective, supportive format that has a special appeal for women.


Everyone who owns a horse business ideally wants to make money or, at the very least, have it be self supporting. This presentation is designed to help you do just that without spending a fortune.


Lanier Cordell has worked as a marketing, advertising and public relations professional for over 30 years. She is a frequent speaker at horse events including national and regional equine expos. She writes for numerous equine publications and the author of Equinomics: The Secret to Making Money with Your Horse Business, an Amazon Top Seller for two straight years.


A successful clinic is one where the participants acquire the tools to assist them in realizing their goals. This session will explain how to make this happen, from the perspectives of both the clinician and the student.


Dee Butterfield has been instructing barrel racing and horsemanship clinics for 40 years across Western Canada, Australia and Hawaii. Teaching the fundamentals of the exciting sport of barrel racing, inspiring training and riding skills with emphasis on the importance of developing a winning attitude, Dee’s students have gone on to win at all levels including provincial, state and national champions.


Human health benefits are becoming closely identified with animal health and welfare.  In this session, we look at the common links of veterinary, human medical, environmental and social sciences in promoting and protecting our shared health.     

 Dr. Bonnie Buntain is Emeritus Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners with a specialty in Equine Practice. She is also a Diplomate of the American College of  Veterinary Preventive Medicine with a specialty focus on public health. Currently, Dr. Buntain is at University of Calgary, jointly appointed in the Faculty of  Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine as a Professor of Public Health.


The market for performance horses, which was on a sharp upward trajectory earlier this decade, has leveled out since mid-2008. How can breeders and owners prepare for what’s to come?


Katie Tims is the editor of Quarter Horse News. She also compiles the Quarter Horse News Sales Price Guide and keeps her finger on the pulse of the performance horse market. Katie worked at Performance Horse and then came to work for Quarter Horse News in 2001. Born and raised in Surprise Valley, located in the rural northeastern corner of California, Katie grew up on a cattle ranch started by her great-grandfather.



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