After first being featured in this column in March 2011, Travolta and his owner Joni Lynn Peters have been training hard and been rewarded for all their efforts.aTravoltasm

This last year has been a whirlwind for Joni and Travolta. They are both back from a successful winter tour competing in Florida as a declared Canadian Olympic athlete. Joni and Travolta were included in the top 7 in Canada to await notice of final team selection for the Olympics. Only five horse/rider teams went to London. While not quite making it to London, being short listed for the Olympics is a huge accomplishment.

“It is what I have worked toward all my life and yet was still a unique and profound experience,” says Joni. “It is one thing to train, and to compete at Grand Prix, it is quite another to do this amongst Olympic contenders in an Olympic year at Olympic selection trials. Simply to have qualified for this privilege was an accomplishment I am proud of. To be competitive while there was a great boost to my confidence. I have known my horse Travolta is a good one; to have this confirmed at this level by finishing top seven in the Nation means a great deal.”


Travolta was bred in Alberta at Bosch Farms in Red Deer and foaled there in July of 2000. Canadian Warmblood registered Travolta is by Dutch Warmblood stallion Ferro and out of the Landwind II mare Lurosa. Joni purchased him the 2003 Canadian Warmblood Fall Classic Breeders Sale in Olds. “It was love at first sight,” says Joni. She knew she had to have him, placed the winning bid, and brought him home to Armstrong, BC. 
Joni trained and developed Travolta from a three year old youngster into an international Grand Prix star herself by personally handling all training, conditioning, grooming and nutrition. She was awarded the HCBC Athlete of the Year award for 2011.

The past year has included competing all around North America, including California, Florida, Ontario and Kentucky. Joni comments, “The value of this winter for myself and my horse Travolta was incredible. There is no doubt in my mind it will be a boost to our continuing competitive career, as we look forward.”

The experience added her experience as a rider and a trainer in many ways through training and competing alongside some of the world’s best, as well as working with classic master Ernst Hoyos and team coach Markus Gribbe.

And Travolta loves his job as a dressage horse. Spectators and his fans have affectionately nicknamed him ‘Mr. Fancy Pants.’

aTravolta_2012smFor Joni, the experiences of this past year are almost indescribable: “There was tremendous exposure, experience, education, and atmosphere the entire winter season. One cannot imagine, or totally mentally rehearse this without having been there, I believe. The tangible pressure, the crowds, the venues, the world class footing, the dinner parties, the big name trainers and riders present and mingling was both memorable and overwhelming.”

And now, she says, it’s good to be home. “I will take some well-deserved down time - training without the immediate pressure of showing.”