altAnswer: Currently, there are no ID requirements for equines in Canada other than the requirements of specific breed registries. However, a Premises ID is required by law for those keeping horses, or other livestock, on their Alberta property. Visit the Alberta Government web site for more information.

In addition, as of July 31, 2010, all equines presented at a slaughter plant must be accompanied by an EID, Equine Information Document. This document will include identification of the animal, a record of illness and a record of medical treatments administered for the preceding six-month period. The EID requires a signed declaration by the owner of the equine as to the accuracy of the information in the document. A number of drugs are not permitted in equines being slaughtered for food and more are permitted only with a 6-month withrawal period.
For complete information on the EID and the list of veterinary drugs not permitted or permitted only with a 6-month withdrawal period, visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) web site.