In conjunction with the 2006 Spruce Meadows “Masters” Media Day, the Horse Industry Association of Alberta (HIAA) held a news conference to launch its branding campaign and announce its new initiative for the horse industry.

Left to Right:
Randy Fedorak (HIAA Board Member)
Les Burwash (HIAA Board Secretary)
Peter Fraser (HIAA Board President)
Teresa van Bryce (HIAA Manager)
Bruce Roy (HIAA Distinguished Service Award Winner)
Bill Collins (HIAA Distinguished Service Award Winner)
Ron Southern (HIAA Distinguished Service Award Winner)
- Photo courtesy of Pondside Web Productions -

After 25 years of organizing North America’s premiere equine conference, the Horse Breeders and Owners Conference, and working behind the scenes in various areas of the industry, the association is becoming less of a secret entity and more of a public organization.

As a jumping off point, HIAA has developed a new logo, which was unveiled at today’s news conference by two Alberta horse industry icons, Bruce Roy, a leader in the draft horse industry and Bill Collins, cutting horse and AQHA hall-of-famer. Both gentlemen are past recipients of HIAA’s Distinguished Service Award, which has been awarded since 2000.

The logo incorporates four key elements: 1) the Alberta landscape, which is ideal for growing strong, healthy horses and excellent feed for these horses; 2) three horses of different styles and colours, representing the diversity of breeds and activities in our industry; 3) motion, the forward movement of the horses representing the direction of the industry; and 4) the message, focusing firstly on “Alberta Horses”, the brand HIAA intends to establish in the local, national and international equine communities, and secondly, the name of the association in its supporting role.

The diversity of the horse industry contributes to its success and potential, and yet is also a source of fragmentation. This fragmentation creates a systemically vulnerable industry with a need for an advocate, one focused on the “big picture”. The Horse Industry Association of Alberta has dedicated itself to this big picture through its three areas of focus: advocacy, education and research.

HIAA is a registered non-profit society who has benefited from a strong partnership with Alberta Agriculture’s Horse Industry Section (formerly the Horse Industry Branch), without being a government funded organization. HIAA is also partnering with the Alberta Equestrian Federation (and Alberta Agriculture) on an initiative for commercial stables in the province. These partnerships further strengthen the horse industry in Alberta, bringing together government, the public and business.

In the coming months, HIAA will be represented at major events in the horse industry, such as the Spruce Meadows Masters and Northlands FarmFair, and will launch an advertising campaign within the province to brand the “Alberta Horses” logo and the association within Alberta’s horse industry. In order for HIAA to effect change in the industry, recognition and support at home is vital. The “Alberta Horses” brand will also be marketed internationally, with global recognition of Alberta’s horses and horse industry as the ultimate goal.