Alberta’s Green Certificate program is looking for Albertans actively involved in or associated with the horse industry who would be interested in helping create the curriculum for the Green Certificate Equine Project.


Green Certificate is an apprenticeship-style training program available throughout the province. There are currently eight specializations included in the program and a ninth, an equine technician, is in the development stage. There are two ways Albertans can get involved in helping design the equine curriculum – by attending a focus group as a participant or by agreeing to receive and review a validation package.

“To design a Equine Technician Green Certificate that is practical and of benefit to the students and to the industry, experienced volunteers who are willing to share their expertise are required,” says Nicole Hornett, Green Certificate program assistant with Alberta Agriculture and Food, Edmonton. “To ensure that the equine technician curriculum includes essential aspects of the equine industry and that it will provide information, learning and skill development for future industry employees, we are enlisting the help of expert volunteers to attend a focus group session in January 2008. During this session, the group will prepare an initial outline and framework for the Green Certificate equine course.”

To be a focus group participant, applicants must be able to meet for one or two days in mid-January 2008. Albertans who would like to participate in the focus group, or would be willing to receive and review the draft curriculum developed at the focus group session, are asked to submit a short introduction to Hornett including the following information:

Please submit this information by November 28, 2007. All questions and submissions should be directed to Hornett at 780-644-5378, fax: 780-422-7755.

Alberta Agriculture and Food works in partnership with the agriculture industry and Alberta Education to offer the Green Certificate to all Albertans.

Contact: Nicole Hornett 780-644-5378